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Longines Master Collection 190th Anniversary Edition - even better than the product shots!!

Had the pleasure of ย grabbing the Longines 190th. While itโ€™s a bit bigger than a classic dress watch, it works very well (even on my small wrist) as t...

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commented on NWA: first Rolex โŒš ยท

Congratulations! Mind my asking what your wrist size is? I'm debating between the 40 and 37.

commented on Kushing's WRUW ยท

Just under 42mm. But it fits smaller. For reference, I have a 6.25" wrist. The case and lug wrap nicely and it's made from titanium so it wears very comfortably.

commented on Kushing's WRUW ยท


In hindsight, I might have gone for the butterscotch version. I might still pick one up :-). I red is great...I've not seen another dial quite in the hue.

I've had the watch for a month now and worn it multiple times per week. The polish is holding up but there are some micro scratches on the crown side. I'm at peace with this since I don't plan to sell it. The thing is a fingerprint magnet though, as you can see in this pic.

commented on Black PVD Watches ยท

Seiko Black Series Solar SNES587P1 if you're if modest wrist size...great travel watch.

commented on Best watch at every price point $500-$5000 ยท

Max, great list. But I have a question. If I already have every watch on your list in my collection, should I:
a) Feel really good about myself.
b) Seek professional help for financial planning.

Regardless, thanks for the validation and great content. Please keep it up.

commented on New Baltic? ยท

Microbrands launching before the holidays...big week ahead.

commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch! ยท

Great video. However, it makes regret even more that I did not pull the trigger on this. I had a chance to pick a โ€˜well numberedโ€˜ unit but waited too long to make the purchase. Hoping for another shot at getting this watch ;-).