My Current Collection

Hello just want to share my current collection. Not included are the quartz robot watch and a Swatch Chrono, which are long gone.

1) Tag Heuer Link Caliber 16 - bought this back in 2009. My very first luxury watch. Always wanted a Tag since middle school and finally, was able to buy it with my own savings.

2) Rolex Datejust II two tones - bought this to celebrate a milestone in life in 2014. To me, Rolex looks nice with TT.

3) Rolex Daytona TT (not pictured) - I bought this in 2016 and I really love it back then. Then comes all the hypes which makes me don't want to wear it anymore. So finally, I decided to part with it last year.

4) Grand Seiko Snowflakes - After going through a difficult time, I decided to take a little break and took a vacation to Japan. Happen to stop by a GS boutique in Ginza and left with it a few days after. Also had a chance to try on the Credor Eichii II. It was the best watch ever, but it is wayyyy out of my league.

5) Omega PO - I've been obsessed with this watch for a while so finally was able to pull the trigger on it in 2020. Was having a hard time deciding between the SMP300 and the PO but at the end the PO won.

6) JLC Polaris Automatic - JLC was never on my radar but somehow I was drawn to it when the Polaris was reintroduced into the collection. Simple and elegance, my new favorite watch of all time.

Pretty happy with my collection. Each watch gets equal amount of wrist time from me. I probably will buy one more watch in a few more years and call it good. I don't like my collection to get too big so I think I will stop with 6. Now I need to buy a watch box 馃槣

Thanks for reading!


Its ok I suppose 馃槀 馃槏

What a terrific diverse collection..Enjoy the hobby馃憤


What a terrific diverse collection..Enjoy the hobby馃憤

Thank you!

that is a great collection


Your an equal opportunity employer:) nice watches :)