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Calling watch nerds 馃馃ジ馃憢馃徎

Need help identifying this movement, can鈥檛 see any marking on it
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Help me recognise this movement?

Any help appreciate I couldn鈥檛 see any markings
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Omega factory service/repair

So I just my gold 1972 Omega f300hz Geneve for repair and service, and apparently the above according to Omega is gonna cost me 20,000SEK / 2000 USD....
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KiwiSwe commented on Female end links...

The only crime I see here is that San Martin.馃憖馃

KiwiSwe commented on Help me recognise this movement?

Found it myself (by luck actually) Its the ETA Unitas 6325 "military" movement

KiwiSwe commented on Omega factory service/repair

Not even sure why your mentioned 400kr Chinese watch鈥檚 on a thread about repairing an omega

KiwiSwe commented on Omega factory service/repair

What he said

KiwiSwe commented on Omega factory service/repair

They are just being greedy this has been recently serviced for 7k馃槀

KiwiSwe commented on Omega factory service/repair

I will most likely just buy the exact same watch from Chrono24 that has been recently serviced replace it and have 10k left for a PRX

KiwiSwe commented on Omega factory service/repair

It has sentimental value so I don鈥檛 mind spending money, it鈥檚 not about the money it鈥檚 the principal here 20k for what? The watch is work 10k SEK

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My Seiko Chronograph (7T32-7C60) Collection

Thought I would share my collection and love of this specific model Seiko, I have eye on a 4th one and hopefully will have it locked it within a week...
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Seiko Chronograph Panda

After spending more than 4 months hunting for this specific watch, I finally found one which is in pristine condition, really pleased!
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1999 Casion Camera watch.. Never knew they existed 馃槷

Found this on auction if anyone on here collects these.. not my cup of tea but still awesome.
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Fashion watches & why they get it wrong鈥︷煒

It鈥檚 like when someone designed this, someone鈥檚 finger slipped whilst they were zooming on the Chrono what鈥檚 the silliest fashion watches you have see...
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Rutina watches

Anyone know much about these watches?
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Tevo - mechanical swiss watch

Very lucky find; it鈥檚 like it鈥檚 from a time capsule in absolute perfect condition in original Box. The only problem is I have no idea how to chance th...
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Eco drive

Such a solid quality watch, just wondering how everyone else鈥檚 experience has been with eco drive
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