Kicksarter MECEXP (MS1001)

This is the first post about watches on Kickstarter.

I start with this piece basically because it caught my attention.

They offer a clock operated by CNC (Computer Numerical Controls) motors.

Here are some of the specifications (if it is necessary to be more precise, let me know so I can update the post).

MOVEMENT: Own (replaces the mainspring with a CNC motor driving combined with a digital calibration and time tracking system).

DIAL: In my understanding they are two endless screws that move the hands in both the hours and the minutes.

GLASS: Sapphire crystal

CASE: The two options are made of 316L steel, one with black PVD coating and the other silver (I understand that without coating).

WATCH SIZE: Diameter: 48mm. Width: 38mm. Thickness: 14.5mm.

STRAP SIZE: Nylon strap for 14-23cm wrist.

LUG WIDTH: 22mm.


And the most important thing:

PRICE: US$189.

The link for this piece is below.

Thanks in advance for you help crunchers!

Interesting but not something I would wear, too bulky for me.

Creative, but not my style.

It's not my style either. However, if everything they say is true, the proposal is still interesting.

I am too lazy too look very hard into this. I'm very puzzled why the pointers lack the bright green coloration used elsewhere. Isn't that a point that should be highlighted?? The LED back light looks to illuminate but not make the time readable at all.

It looks like

  • This is set with magnets from the back like an old Hamilton Pulsar?

  • These leadscrews must do their version of flyback when they reach end of travel at 12 hours and one hour, respectively, and do a rapid traverse rewind. The whole thing seems to be controlled by a real timekeeping source so this imparts no additional accuracy issues.