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Dan Henry 1963 on original bracelet

Put my DH 1963 back on its original strap. Love the leather patina.
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Pushers digging into my skin

Wearing my Seiko chrono on my inside wrist. 馃槀
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Date Adjustment?

Today is the 23rd, but I don't bother to set the date anymore because my eyesight is so bad.
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Jojocruz commented on Date Adjustment?

But i's not a perpetual calendar, so it will need to be adjusted every other month-end or so.

Anyway, I pull out the crown to conserve power when I'm not wearing it because the capacitor has already deteriorated and doesn't hold much charge anymore.

Jojocruz commented on Pushers digging into my skin

Hmm, maybe!

Jojocruz commented on Wearing my Casio MRW200 while doing the groceries!

It's actually quite hard to turn the bezel. Some people even think it doesn't turn because the friction is very high.聽

Jojocruz commented on Wearing my Casio MRW200 while doing the groceries!

I use the bezel to time things all the time. Like baking times, bus arrival times, etc. I do love timing bezels.聽

Jojocruz commented on When is it too many Casio鈥檚?

Casio has a lot of cool watches in their back catalog. I really like their "game" watches and I wish they'd rerelease those.

Jojocruz commented on Seiko Flightmaster

It's the hinge for the chrono pusher. BTW, the left crown operates the internal slide rule.

Jojocruz commented on Seiko Flightmaster


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Wearing my Casio MRW200 while doing the groceries!

My weekend watch accompanying me to the grocery.
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Seiko Flightmaster

Sometimes it seems this watch does not even have a crystal -- it is so clear, even though it's a mineral crystal.
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Seiko Willard-X on a Bund

As promised, here is the Willard-X on a Bund. It finally arrived! Fits great on my wrist.
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Willard-X on a Bond Seatbelt NATO

Really hot these days! Nothing beats putting your watch on a NATO in this kind of weather.
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NATO Strap Installation

Happy Seiko Saturday! Most of us learned the usual way of installing NATOs on our watches to be the two images at the top. But I install NATO straps o...
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Willard-X on a NATO

Hi guys, can anyone recommend a good strap for this watch? Something for a hot and humid climate and not a bracelet. Thanks!
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Willard-X on an aftermarket Jubilee

Happy Sunday! Took this shot of my Willard-X while timing something important. So hot and humid where I am right now so the bracelet is quite loose. A...
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