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May 20, 2022

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Help me spread the word! Seiko Cannonball SRPD35

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get the Seiko SRPD35 as well as the SRPD31/33 nicknamed as the Seiko Cannonball line. Can you guys help spread the word? I...
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Johnbfromnevada commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch!

Great content as always! I love the look of this watch! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

Johnbfromnevada commented on Help me spread the word! Seiko Cannonball SRPD35

Yep! The case diameter and the lug to lug are the same. I do not have my calipers on me right now but using the ruler on my spring bar tool, the lug to lug may actually a 1mm shorter. Its pretty cool! And totally agree that it is like a more tooly and affordable Alpinist. I have never seen a SARB017 in the flesh but the SRPD35 I own with the pvd coating is all tool watch. I do own a SPB243 and that is definitely more of a dress watch!

PS I hope you can find one. they are hard to find new since they were discontinued either in 2020 or 2021.

Johnbfromnevada commented on Help me spread the word! Seiko Cannonball SRPD35

Thanks! I thought I might as well give it a try馃槉

Johnbfromnevada commented on Help me spread the word! Seiko Cannonball SRPD35

well to me the watch looks like a cannonball. especially the cannonball emoji 馃挘

Johnbfromnevada commented on 1/28/22 WOTD

Seiko Cannonball SRPD35K1

Johnbfromnevada commented on SPB259 QC but I fell in love...

I am surprised to hear about the QC problems with these models. you would think a limited edition would get some extra love! The one reviewed by Justonemorewatch also had QC problems like dust inside the dial! Makes me wonder what on earth is going on at Seiko to keep adding limited editions, increasing number of QC problems, and continuing to raise prices! This would never have been the story at the time of the SARB033 or SARB017. I really like the SPB243. hopefully that does not have QC problems as well馃槷

I hope you can get to that 3 watch collection goal!!!!

Johnbfromnevada commented on So, I accidentally...

Oh wow that's beautiful! You took a great wristshot! BTW Merry Christmas!馃榾


Seiko Ginza Dials

Hi everyone, I asked on watchuseek so I am pretty sure I know the answer, but does anyone know where I can buy a new Ginza dial seiko, either the spb2...
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