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Finally found a Christopher Ward for me

Love this little guy. And who knows when I might just happen upon a regatta that needs to be timed!
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Y'all be careful out there with your Rolex

Apparently this is going around in big cities: https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/san-francisco-thieves-target-watches-17322915.php
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Picked up a new Oceanus

I've got some international travel coming up and wanted something with dual time zones. This seemed to fit the bill, is very lite weight and looks pre...
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Jklotz commented on Local news: Stay safe Crunchers ·

Yea, maybe, but there's more to it than that. Firstly, one must have situational awareness to even be able to use a gun. I'd imagine most of these crimes involve the element of surprise. By the time you figure out what's going on, they already have a gun pointed at you. Secondly, pulling out a gun has a chance of starting a gun battle, which includes a chance of getting shot, or even worse, getting an innocent bystander shot. 

Personally I believe not allowing yourself to become a target (i.e. don't wear your Rolex out, or if you do, wear long sleeves) is a far more effective plan.

Jklotz commented on Local news: Stay safe Crunchers ·

Yea, I read yesterday about a woman walking out of the mall with a bag from a high end boutique at our fancy shopping mall and got mugged in the parking lot  as she was trying to get in her car. 

Jklotz commented on Feedback Needed From Owners: Tag Heritage Autavia Chronographs ·

They look great, but is it really 17mm thick? Jeez, I don't think I could do that, but I've never tried one on. 

Jklotz commented on Favorite Panda Dial Watches? ·

Does reverse (evil) panda qualify?

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Jklotz commented on Debut Post ·

Great watch, congrats! I'd probably have one, but it's just a tad too small for my 7.5" wrist. Monta makes some great looking watches.

Jklotz commented on Buy a watch, help save the world? #7 (Seiko SRPH78 Star Bar Houjou) ·

Love it! Here is an idea: I hope the winning bidder loves the watch and has it forever. If, however, they sell it down the line, how about they also do a charitable auction with it and encourage the next owner to do the same. That's what I plan to do with the victorinox I won in the last auction. We can start a string of good karma watches!

Jklotz commented on What’s your favorite brand? ·

I guess to some degree, I'm still learning, but I've yet to buy the same brand twice. There are just so many choices out there, I'd hate to limit myself. Plus a lot of brands have one or two models I really like and don't really care much for the others. 

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Jklotz ·

It's like new again!

I bought this Tag roughly 10 years ago. I wore it every day for roughly 6 years. It was my only watch at the time. I pretty much unintentionally abuse...
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Bought another

I have been hunting for a g-shock I would like then ran across the Oceanus. I knew immediately I was barking up the wrong tree with the g-shocks. Just...
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Hi, I'm new here

Hi. I'm new here. Thanks for having me. I'm a lover of all things Sinn, my Breitling Superocean and a few micro's I've picked up along the way.
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Anybody know about Panzera?

I recently learned about this micro. They have some really interesting designs. Anybody try one? Any experiences with them? They are watchmakers out o...
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