Beaubleu yes or no?

I’m looking at buying my next watch, and I’m really interested in going down independent/microbrands route, stepping away from the “mainstream” brands. A few brands have my attention like Studio Underd0g, but it’s impossible to get one! However, the one brand that I can’t stop going back to is Beaubleu. The watches are stunning, but without having travelling to Paris I have no idea what the quality is like. Hoping somebody can give feedback on the brand, or even any other brands to consider!


Never heard of Beaubleu watches before, but how lovely are they?!

They remind me of the Raketa Copernicus


Depending on the particular flavour of microbrands you're after, Mr. Jones does some cool designs, but with micros you are almost always going to have the dilemma of buying without trying.


If you like it, buy it. Make a holiday out of it.


Peter Kotsa did a nice YouTube review of this watch.