Direnzo Mondial V2

I think I really want one - any feedback on the quality of Direnzos?

@TonyXXX is 100% getting one of the new Mondials. His other beloved Direnzo has been on his wrist constantly for the past couple of weeks and he speaks very highly of it.... But the Mondial.... it looks like an amazing upgrade.... 馃憣

@PeterKotsa put up a good review a few days ago.

I think I really want one too

lets see....650 chf pre (september) 750 retail聽

this colorway too...i never thought i would go for that but it's lovely

looking at the web site and my desire is getting worse!

I am still torn between the Mondial and the Mido Ocean Star GMT for an everyday sports watch but I guess you can hardly go wrong either way鈥


I bought the purple one today