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Which Radiomir to go with?

Hello, I am seeking advice. I was at some point in the last year very keen on getting a Panerai. In Minnesota there are not many places you can try on...

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commented on Watches and Wonders 2024 - did you see a watch you would actually buy?

I would definitely buy the Black Bay 58 GMT! That is, if I didn鈥檛 have a BB58 already, which I do. So, not so much that it鈥檚 something I will get, but it鈥檚 one I definitely would.

commented on Which Radiomir to go with?

Haha I wish I had wrist shots for you! I literally couldn鈥檛 decide. I figured I鈥檇 wait to see if the opportunity to buy in Italy arises over the summer when I鈥檓 traveling there. I guess it ended with me getting a Nomos Club Campus instead 馃槀 but not really, I just picked that up cuz I love Nomos and wanted to sit on the idea of a Panerai a bit longer

commented on JayVee23's WRUW

My wrist is 6.5 inches, and pretty flat. This is the 37mm model, and the 39 would probably work, but I like the smaller case imo 鉁岋笍

commented on Red Dials

Nomos club campus!

commented on JayVee23's WRUW

Need is a strong word for why I bought this watch haha 馃槅, but I do plan on traveling with it this summer so it will gets its intended use finally!

commented on Rubber strap does it work well?

Yes, I love the rubber strap. Most of the Seamaster lineup is better on the rubber strap, imo, even if I currently have my AT on a Forstner bracelet. The rubber has very little give, but is super sturdy and looks good. I would not own an AT without the rubber strap as an option.

commented on (Help) Automatic water resistant watch

If you want something that is truly good for swimming and not bulky, the Nomos Ahoi is super cool 馃槑 under 40 mm with great color choices.

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