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What period in watchmaking history speaks to you the most?

I know what my answer is, and I know what the broader watch buying public thinks (at least according to the watch news outlets and sales figures). Screw that, I want to know what the Crunchers think....
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“New” Orient Watch

Its new! Its a Watch! This is your alert! TLDR: I will not be buying it. I mean it‘s ok? I like the dial. I like the case. I like the colors. All of t...
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Just realized my Toyota has Omega lugs

I know its absurd. Just let me have this.
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JapanExclusive commented on I Did The Unthinkable 😂🤞 ·

It sure is a SIZABLE watch….

JapanExclusive commented on Great watches stuck in the “friend zone” ·

Weirdly enough for me, its a Reverso. I love JLC, but if I ever had mechanical Reverso money (which is currently several times the cost of my collection), I feel like I would end up getting two Omega watches instead. Or a really nice Spring Drive GS. 

JapanExclusive commented on New diver choice? One or the other or both? ·

Ray 2 has my vote. I own both a Ray 2 and the very same Kamasu. I like the dial and hands of the Ray a bit more to be honest. Plus numerals really are not my jam….

JapanExclusive commented on Thanksgiving meal...what do you eat? ·

Never been one for the traditional meal. We always chose to travel to avoid the family invitation and ended up at Disneyland most years. Crummy Mexican food made for tourists and some rollercoasters are the only acceptable tradition!

JapanExclusive commented on Hey Cruncher, where are you from? ·

Sacramento, Ca for me. Just close enough to the bay to consider going to WC events there but not close enough to make it particularly easy

JapanExclusive commented on Rolex is a godsend to the watch industry. Are you thankful to Rolex for the watch on your wrist? Or are you a churlish ingrate? ·

I hate to admit you are right. I know the marketing machine at Rolex has made a lot of “First watch with whatever” that are only half truths. Regardless of that, we have to recognize the value to the industry that Rolex‘s insane marketing budget brings to even the small upstart brands. 

JapanExclusive commented on SF BAY AREA! Y’all missed out!! Meet up photos!! ·

Dangit! This is the second one I have missed! Glad yall had a good time though!

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Has anyone taken watchmaking courses?

The Horological Society of New York offers short classes on some of the basics of watchmaking. They are not a true school or anything, its more like a...
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New or Vintage?

I have narrowed down the next addition to my collection to more or less one of these two. Ok so, Pros and Cons: Vintage GS 5646-7010 Pros: attainable...
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Next watch: More of the same, or round out my collection?

I am looking to buy another watch for around $1000 USD. But first I am making a career switch. I used to work as a cafe manager and barista. So I prio...
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Thinking of modding my Samurai

I saw @Jklotz post about date magnifiers and it reminded me that I could probably just remove mine if I don‘t like it. Debating removing the date magn...
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What else do you collect?

Do the good people of Watch Crunch collect anything besides watches? I tried to pair a hat with each watch, the only watch left was my Jupiter MoonSwa...
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Favorite Movie Watch?

Anybody have a favorite watch featured in a movie? I would be pretty unlikely to buy it, but this beefy tool watch was featured in the movie The Marti...
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Not your’s, but at least you got to handle it!

We may never be able to buy a grand complication. We may never find that one vintage piece we always had our eyes on. We may never get that limited ed...
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