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May 04, 2022
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Rotary Regent

Not much to say about this one saw it in a shop and next thing I knew I was wearing it down the town 馃ぃ
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Sold some of my other watches to fund this 馃槏

The King is in my collection! I have been looking at this Hamilton for a little while now and I am more than delighted, I am finding while a little bo...
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Travel Day

Yesterday was a travel day to go get my newest watch and visit my girlfriend, anyone have any guesses on the watch? And what better to wear when trave...
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JackySZN commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch!

Absolutely stunning watch

JackySZN commented on Sold some of my other watches to fund this 馃槏


JackySZN commented on Sold some of my other watches to fund this 馃槏

That's an awesome watch I love how it spins the classic field watch look!

JackySZN commented on Okay I'm an addict

I mean it would've been rude not to really 馃ぃ

JackySZN commented on Okay I'm an addict

Thank you!

JackySZN commented on Okay I'm an addict

Thank you and I'm loving them, the grey is unreal to look at in person!

JackySZN commented on "Bang-for-your-buck" Brands | Watch Giveaway

Its gotta be seiko for me

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Best places to buy Watches

Hi all, I was just wondering what are your most trusted stores online or actual stores to buy watches in your opinion?
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Okay I'm an addict

Soo I bought 2 new watches again! I am in love with my stealth casioak it's my most worn watch by far! I'd been scouting this grey variant for months...
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The Coolest watch for 拢100

Might be a bit of a hot take but I think the casioak is by far the coolest watch you can get for 100 pounds it's durable! Good looking and I've found...
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My 4 watch rotation

I am currently running this 4 watch rotation and I am loving each watch for it's purpose I use my "casioak" for work as I work in a kitchen and the th...
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Best gift ever!

So my girlfriend has been having to listen to me go on about watches for a few months now and she knew I really wanted a dressy watch with a green dia...
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New Watch Alert! 5KX

After debating spending money on a homage style watch I just decided to pull the trigger on a seiko since its such an iconic brand and I love it! Wasn...
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What's everyone's thoughts on Invicta?

I have been looking at some Invicta watches and felt that some of them looked like real bargains and just wanted to know what your opinion was?
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