Watchmaking tool kit suggestions

So I’m looking to get into watch making (eventually) but going to start with modding a few old seikos I have. Planning on doing some movement, dial swaps etc to start. i was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for a complete tool kit that wouldn’t break the bank too much or any other supplies I might need for light mods. I’ve got my sights on a kit from esslinger but open to any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance.


Congrats on your decision! My only suggestion is, never think that you got one toolkit and that's all. It is a slowly evolving process and highly dependent on experience. What you need will be clearer as you continue. Never buy any tool without needing it, and when you need it you will know what kind of equipment will be best for you. 

Grab any beginner toolkit and start working on old or broken watches. Never try something first time on a watch which is valuable for you. 

You can always ask whenever you need any help. 👍 


I think @Retrosphere beat me to it: You may not know which tool you need quite yet. Not only that, whether a premium tool is worth the extra money. I would simply watch instructional videos and look at the tools used, and if they make sense to you. (Very basic kit + tools you see in the video.) Alternatively, the tools that you see in DIY kits are also a very good indication of a minimal set required.

I would order these tools online individually, and later decide if additional tools or an upgrade are required, depending on what you want to mod.