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Tudor Pelagos 39mm

Well first of all, I never was that high on this watch when it was announced. Only after seeing YouTube Channels did I become enamored with this watch...
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Seiko (GS) or Tudor

So I am considering buying either a Seiko SLA 017 or SBHG291. My question is would anyone recommend this or a Tudor? I've owned the think...
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Thoughts? Is this what we've come to? SMH San Francisco Police Department warns citizens of luxury watch thefts!
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JNabeel commented on Rolex pre owned program ·

It all truly depends on Rolex pricing. What they buy/sell the preowned for. If it is realistic or like any consumer good (preowned are percentage less than new? It will kill gray market almost over night. 

JNabeel commented on Only ONE! ·

The same...but the 39mm. I sold my 42mm (too thick) to get the P39. I have not stopped wearing it...

JNabeel commented on Beef between Britt Pearce & Oisin O'Malley ·

I did feel, O'Malley, at some points was like a dog with a bone. That he wouldn't let it go. I mean he talked about the discourse with Britt, but then he just kept bringing it up. As far as Nico, I never saw that, I will have to look for that. 

JNabeel commented on Beef between Britt Pearce & Oisin O'Malley ·

All valid points. Thanks for sharing. We have to remember, we are hearing one side of story, his side. Thanks Mate. 

JNabeel commented on Beef between Britt Pearce & Oisin O'Malley ·

Can you please note the time stamp, of when he does this, call her out in a derogatory way? I watched over the weekend and only recalling him saying she preaches like to her congregation. I don't recall anything even denoting her religious affiliation. TIA

JNabeel commented on Beef between Britt Pearce & Oisin O'Malley ·

It always comes down to communication. Empathy. If you can't do something? Say so. Don't ghost the guy. This was his (Peter) words. 

I can understand his anger, if I recommend someone to a friend of mine? It reflects poorly on me when they act unprofessionally. 

Please point out, the time stamp, where you say this response was? I watched the video over weekend and didn't remember anything being highly offensive that he said. TIA.

JNabeel commented on Beef between Britt Pearce & Oisin O'Malley ·

No. He was having issues with her because he recommended her to a micro watch brand out of Ireland. Dublin.

Well the watchmaker sent her a watch, she had it and sat on for 2-3 months, finally ghosting the guy—never reviewing the watch he sent her. She ended up giving the watch away and never talking to the guy again. 

I think if you recommended someone (her to review watch) and she treated the guy like this? You may have issues also. Just saying. 

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What is the next watch you will buy, or have, your eye on?

What watch do you feel is your next watch?
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Rolex Thefts. Thoughts anyone?
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Greetings and good afternoon

Glad to be here, to explore, learn, and enjoy my watch hobby! I have followed the channel on YouTube for a few months, and thought, I'd like to check...
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