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New to WatchCrunch... there's no app?!?

Hi, I'm new to the WC community, really like it so far! I was actually looking for something like that, glad it exists! A question though, I went to t...

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JB28JB commented on Cartier Santos - Medium or Large ·

I’d go medium because of the classic Cartier look. I own a Santos Dumont which I have in large size **but** the SD is mechanical and as such much much thinner on the wrist. With the thickness (and sportiness) of the Santos, I’d go medium to “bring balance to the Force”… great watch anyway !

JB28JB commented on My travel watches (this time😉) ·

I get it. And I do exactly the same. 3 watches + 1 on the wrist is my standard dispatch for a 3-4 days biz trip… I don’t care whether they will all get wrist time, it’s not the point : the point is to be ready, prepared for everything and anything.

With this in mind , I would not have brought with me the Seiko diver and the Tudor black bay… One diver would be enough for one trip, I’d have packed a more formal watch as a third option.

(Just to be clear: I’m not telling you what you should be packing, I’m just sharing what is my logic when I travel with a few watches… enjoy 😉 )

JB28JB commented on First Watch of the Collection ·

Welcome and way to go! A proud owner of a Reverso myself , and funny enough it was also for me how I began my collection, but that’s another story 😀

JB28JB commented on Michael22's WRUW ·

I know the feeling…

JB28JB commented on Oldapache's WRUW ·

Super cool 👍🏻

JB28JB commented on Oldapache's WRUW ·

Is that the 5 days mechanical?

JB28JB commented on dialupper's WRUW ·

Now you’re talking

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