Opinions on Speedy Reduced II (3539.50) & prices

Hello all, Just started learning about the Speedy Reduced models and may look at 3539.50 (Speedmaster Reduced II). Have a few questions as someone newish to this hobby :)

  • What is a good price in the community's opinion on a good condition example on the secondary market?
  • Should these be with Box, Papers and Warranty Card or just the Warranty Card may be ok?


Before we get to the price and what's included, have you had a chance to try one?  Do you like the fit?  Do you like the way it functions?  I don't like the Speedy Reduced due to the Omega Caliber 3220 movement.  I find that the pushers don't feel crisp like they do on the caliber 321. If your sure you love it, you will want original box, papers and warranty card.  A nekkid watch sell for much less.  Check all the prices published on watch dealer sites, Chrono24 and eBay to determine where the market is on any watch.   


Thanks @Velomax - Grateful for your guidance. 

I have tried the 3510.50 and quite liked the fit. Feel the 3539.50 is just a little better in areas that matter to me (eg - the crystal, the numbers being removed etc).

Look like recently the prices have gone up, but still wanted to learn what a good deal may look like.