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Spend it now VS Discipline

What are the methods that some of you out there use to stay on the straight and narrow and save money for that next watch purchase? I find that I get...

Attention all Stop2go lovers!

The Mondaine Stop2Go wrist watch is back in stock.

SOTC 7/23

I've been an onlooker of so many collections here without posting alot of pictures of mine. So I'll share mine today.

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commented on It finally happened ·

That's cool. I've been posing like I'm deep in thought for years now and nobody complimented me on my watch yet.


Beautiful Omega BTW.

commented on Watch enthusiasts IRL ·

Don't marry her now. Wait until she hits the grey market.

commented on Things You Can Say About Your Watch But Not Your Partner ·

Once again it's got me spending outside of my budget.

commented on Things You Can Say About Your Watch But Not Your Partner ·

Raunchy but I'm letting my teenage delinquent mind take over.

Once I tried the leather on her, I can't stop touching her.


I feel bad when I bump her on the headboard.

commented on In_awe's WRUW ·

😆 "thicker than a toast slice of bread".... I'm stealing that one. I don't mind a little girth. It comes with the 7750 base territory. (Rotor noise too)

commented on cyclopseye's WRUW ·

Sorry for your loss Raymond. No apologies are necessary.

commented on I can feel myself slipping into watch addiction. Need advice! ·

😂 Now that's the spirit. On WC you're in good company down there.

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Spring Cleaning

I was just thinking about cleaning my watches and how to do so, when I wondered how often should I do this. So I pose the question to my fellow Crunch...

Windup NYC

Had a great time at windup.  I was able to meet @TheTownWatch .  So cool!

One cricket I wouldn't mind having in my house.

I think this reissue is great. Modern case dimensions and a new movement.   I really would feel like a president while wearing this watch.  I'd probab...

Benrus Wrist Alarm

Totally satisfied with my purchase from  WatchChris.  Alarm's going strong too.

Breaking in

Does anyone do anything to accelerate the beak in period for a new strap/band?   If you do, what is it?

SOTC 7/22

I've enjoyed looking through some of your collections.  I figured I'd share mines.