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IceCreamMan ·

My Affordable Collection Complete!

Been at this for 1 year and I believe my affordable collection is complete. 6 is a good number for me, mainly because my beautiful wife got me this ca...
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IceCreamMan ·

SOTC Year 1

Started collecting in January 2022. Saw a Teddy Baldassarre video on the #tissotprx and the Gentleman. Thought they were gorgeous. Was never much into...
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How do you properly wear a Pocketwatch?

Sorry if this is stupid, but since I have no experience with these, wondering how to wear. I've obviously seen 'chains' that go from pocket to pocket,...
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IceCreamMan commented on Promotion! ·

Congrats on the promotion! And yea, we do things differently as watch nerds.

Beautiful watch. Enjoy.

IceCreamMan commented on Affordable watches with jubilee bracelet? ·

My SRPE61 on a jubilee - I love LOVE LOVE this!!!

IceCreamMan commented on A rock and a hard place ·

Come on, man! Tell him it's not your style and you are going to trade it for something you really like. No father would be disappointed.

That's what I would do.

IceCreamMan commented on Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121/ SPB209 VS Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38 ·

I like the Alpinist, sans cyclops.

IceCreamMan commented on Watch wearing ·

Me thinks that we are all a little different - so wherever is most comfortable would be my answer.

IceCreamMan commented on A Grail Watch just bought! ·


Odds are 7-5 you have that thing on your wrist at least once before Thanksgiving.

IceCreamMan commented on Hi from Switzerland! ·

Welcome to the Crunch Tom!  Pics pics pics!!!!  We love pics..... (I do anyway)

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IceCreamMan ·

Collecting or Wearing?

Do you find that collecting/buying watches is more satisfying than wearing them? I could go out and get a 3 watch collection for $10/$20K, but when wo...
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IceCreamMan ·

1 Day, 1 Game, 1 Watch

Heading down to San Diego today to see my son and support my Dodgers in hostile territory. Taking the Vostok with the while dial and blue silicone str...
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IceCreamMan ·

The Dreaded 'R' word

On another forum, I asked a question about Rolex and was just looking for an idea of why everyone was hating on them. I was basically told to go find...
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IceCreamMan ·

Old POCKET watches

A Hamilton and an Elgin, they are my fathers and I know nothing about them. Hamilton crown will wind, but the hands will not run. Crystal screws off....
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IceCreamMan ·

First Watch Compliment

At breakfast with the old man today and a waiter walked by and said, 'that's a very nice watch'. I got this big dumb smile on my face. First time anyo...
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