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Black hands on a dark green dial, dope or nope?

This dial was planned with silver/metallic hands, but the hands did not fit to the movement. So, some spare hands were picked instead. I find them quite nice, but what's your opinion?
46 votes

Finding a watchmaker.

I've been thinking about it for a few days, but I need to get it off my chest. I don't know how the situation around the world is, but it's very diffi...

Which strap would you prefer on this watch?

I have currently this two options, a textile NATO and a leather one. I would love to hear also opinions on general style or if you have a specific strap/bracelet in mind that could fit this watch in t...
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commented on SquidCrunchGame winners!

Not another flash challenge? What will I do in the next weeks?

commented on Game over?!

1. A photo of laying down exhausted from the games.


2. A photo of you looking up in terror when you see it鈥檚 Max


3. Print a photo of me waving you over on the wall or on your computer and take a photo of your hand reaching out for mine.


4. A photo of you filling a 鈥渂ag of money鈥.


5. A photo of you running away with the bag of money behind another person


Cannot make a better picture while running, but the bag is on the wrist.

6 a photo of you getting on to a 鈥渂oat鈥


Luckily there's a lake...

7. A photo of you with the sunset in the background


It's over there. A bunch of stuff is covering it, but it's there.

8. A photo of you giving the bag of money to a family member


9. A photo of you holding this badge in your hand.


10 A photo of your best celebration pose of completing the games.


Am I good @Mr.Santana?

commented on Game over?!

When you think it's over @Mr.Santana just drops the last(?) tasks.

commented on Flash challenge: The Glass Tiles!

Going out for lunch and so much is happening.

commented on Final week 4! : The Squid crunch Game!!

Working on the hop scotch. I will send the pictures together.

commented on Flash challenge: The Glass Tiles!

So, all spots are now covered:

1 @DH_NYC (completed)

2 @henrik_ln (completed)

3 @BadgeHoarder (completed)

4 @Hierophis69 (completed)

5 @Tourbillon1916 (completed)

6 @chiaraga (completed)

7 @Droppingin (completed)

8 @HBGnomon (completed)

9 @Urkraft (completed)

10 @SimonB <<<You are next>>>

11 @rowiphi

12 @Fieldwalker


14 @gizzhead

15 @abelBGNR

16 @SpecKTator

@kubenjbcz you can prepare your photos, but you must start uploading them only after everyone before you is finished with their upload.

commented on Definitive List of Microbrands?

As other have already mentioned, there are problems with defining microbrands, thus I think it's impossible to compile a "Definitive List of Microbrands".

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New project

I'm planning to assemble a new watch and found some spare parts. But I'm unsure about this one; or rather about dress watches in general, I'm not very...

Do you have a favorite band/strap material?

68 votes

An impulsive acquisition.

I just walked by a store today, and as usual, I went in to take a closer look at some of their watches. I ended up buying this.聽