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Grrldoc commented on The WatchCrunch Valentine’s Day Challenge Part 2 ·

Darn, saw this too late but I love the VC 1921 that @celinesimon posted or the red Moser 😍

Grrldoc commented on How do you feel about limited edition watches? ·

If I already liked the watch, knowing it's a tiny run (50 or less) makes it more appealing to me.  I love having super rare time pieces.  But it's not a good reason in and of itself to buy a watch if I didn't already love it

Grrldoc commented on How many ladies are here on WatchCrunch?! ·

I love finding other women in the watch world.  Thank you for this thread!

Grrldoc commented on How many ladies are here on WatchCrunch?! ·

Howdy! second generation watch collector, wife and sister to collectors 

Grrldoc commented on JAMES BOND SPECIAL - If Omega parted ways with the Bond franchise, which watch brand would you love to see unite/re-unite with 007? … ·

a bespoke Garrick.  Keep it Brittish.

Grrldoc commented on What's your oldest (personal) watch? ·

1966 Bulova Accutron, as pictured now and in 1969 when my grandfather was holding me while wearing it

Grrldoc commented on What’s the difference between this and a H. Moser & Cie Heritage Centre Seconds? ·

The Vanta is above, but the Swiss Mad may be my favorite since it's emblematic of the whole bad boy of high horology thing they have going on.  But both have these gorgeous, sinuous cases and lugs that make them beautiful to look at from any angle.   The calibers are absolutely stunning under a macro lens, too