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Barbenheimer the sequel: Nomoser? Monomos? Momos?

The yin and Yang of my personal aesthetics in my collection. Wear what you love!

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commented on My First "Grail"

absolutely love Nomos and your grail is a beauty! congrats on a beautiful piece!

commented on Junghans

The Max Bill Chrono was one of the first watches I truly loved. Under rated brand for sure

commented on Alternative ways of telling time and micro brands

I have a version of this watch and it's an absolute gem. Very steampunk aesthetic that no major brand will try and it's much easier to read than it looks at first glance. Agree that the small brands harbor unsung treasures. The world doesn't need the 500th version of a dive watch nobody will use for diving.

commented on Pink Watch

Got this for travel and I am absolutely in love with it

commented on What watch would Batman wear?

Moser Pioneer center seconds in a DLC case

commented on Watch Collecting Rules You (try to) Follow

I only buy what makes me gasp when I first see it. I love quirky and interesting and for me, personally, that rules out divers and other watches that are highly sought after but that leave me cold. I don't look at whether or not they hold value, but I often shop the secondary market to let someone else take that depreciation hit. The theme of my collection is "things I truly love and happily wear" and there isn't another defining feature. I'm the type who will wear a dress watch with leggings from Target so your mileage may vary.

commented on What is your brand?

I am a massive Moser fan girl but I love my GO as only a New Yorker could love a black and white cookie (which is what I think of any time I wear it). Brand love is complicated I think. For me it鈥檚 quality, aesthetic vibe and company ethos which is what makes Moser so appealing.