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Citizen Pain

So, I have finally completed the refurb and service of this little Citizen Eagle 7. It's been a real journey this one but its now running pretty much...
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Project Build a Camel Round 3b - Live & Let Dial

With the first of our final 4 in the bag, well done to the Yellow Perpetual Enamel (Sorry Oscar), it's on we go to the next batch... the imaginatively titled "Batch #2" Again, it's an eclectic mix. I'...
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Project Build a Camel - Round 3a. No time to Dial...

So, after 5 nailbiting polls to determine the case for our camel, the clear winner is.... 馃専馃専The 38mm 62MAS case馃専馃専 Thank you to all who voted. And now - Dials. There are about 95 trillion to choose fro...
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Gasworks commented on Project Build a Camel Round 3b - Live & Let Dial

So. I decided to let it run past 18:30 GMT at which point it was a tie and wait for a Golden Goal. And, we now have a winner. The Asanoha sneaks it by a nose and progresses to the final.


The vote is now CLOSED.

I'll publish the next set of dials tomorrow.聽

Gasworks commented on Citizen Pain

The cheque's in the post聽

Gasworks commented on Shall we make sweet... watch together?

The scope to build a turd is significant. But it will be our turd and we'll have no-one to blame but ourselves聽

Gasworks commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

I assume that's a rhetorical question and you're not looking for a bullet point list in response.

Please tell me there's actually a date underneath that cyclops lense. Because from that angle there doesn't appear to be and, frankly, nothing would surprise me.

Gasworks commented on Bumpers鈥

As far as what a bumper movement is... a picture speaks a thousand words...

Gasworks commented on Does anyone know about the quality of the "Certina" Watch brand?

I think they are much underrated hence writing the post below. I have the DS8 moonphase and I think it's pretty damn fine for the money...


Certina - Where is the love?

Gasworks commented on Project Build a Camel Round 3b - Live & Let Dial

It's currently a tie between this聽


and this...


If things are equal at 18:30 GMT this evening I shall be flipping a coin... seeing as we can't go to penalties.聽

Any suggestions for a more satisfying tie-breaker most welcome.

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Project Build a Camel - Round 2e - The Case Concludes

So, after 4 Case polls, we reach the final, dramatic, some may say "epic", conclusion. The chosen few are:- 1. Seamaster Diameter - 43.5mm Lug to Lug - 46.5mm Lug Width - 22mm Depth (without caseback)...
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Project Build a Camel. Round 2d - The Case Nears a Conclusion

So, after 3 polls we have the Seamaster, the MM300 and the Sub going forward to the final round. It's on to the final pool round to find out who joins them in the final. The four to decide on over the...
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Project Build a Camel. Round 2c. The case goes on...

So, after 2 polls we have the Seamaster (Round 2a) and MM300 (Round 2b) going forward to the final. There are two more pool rounds before the final case vote on Wednesday/Thursday. Then it's dial, bez...
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It's TV Jim, but not as we know it...

So, I've been working on this little chap for a week or two. I've refinished the case and serviced the movement. I do love working on the 6319 (I know...
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Project Build a Camel. Round 2b - The Case continues

So, after 24 hours and 49 votes the winner of case pool A is.... The Seamaster. It goes forward to the final; the others are left to contemplate what might have been. Onwards we go.... The second batc...
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Project Build a Camel. Round 2a - The Case

So, the clear choice of material was Stainless Steel. We now need to decide what case style we want. There are quite a few options so I'll create 4 pool stages and then the winner of each poll pool wi...
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Project Build a Camel. Round 1 - Material

So... after 24 hours, a fairly conclusive poll result. 27 votes for 馃グ and just the 2 votes against doing something light-hearted for charity. 馃槵馃馃槈 The first question is what's our starting point? What...
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