It's TV Jim, but not as we know it...

So, I've been working on this little chap for a week or two. I've refinished the case and serviced the movement. I do love working on the 6319 (I know just how sad that sounds)

This is a 6319-5020 from 1977 with a lovely, subtle two-tone dial. 

I did put it on a NATO initially 


But although I think that looked OK I decided it would be better on leather. 


I've considered keeping it but that's not really the point of what I do. The whole idea is to take these little gems, tidy them up and release them back into the wild.

So to eBay it goes; I really hope it finds a good home. It deserves to be happy.

I like this and think you really did make the right choice putting it on the leather.聽

Cracking watch & job on it!

Definitely looks better on a strap. Gorgeous! 馃グ

Gorgeous eh? What about the watch?