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The Watches We Are Grateful For

For American readers today is Thanksgiving, a day to spend with family and meditate on the important things in life. It is also a day when most of us...
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Finnarm commented on Watches in the Wild (On the Road Again, Volume 12) ·

Great post and thanks for the shoutout Edge168n!

Finnarm commented on Hello there… ·

Welcome, that is a great looking watch box.  I think you have found yourself on the right path!

Finnarm commented on Old Pocket Watches ·

I have have been watching ebay for the right Doxa, thanks for sharing.

Finnarm commented on Grand Seiko or Breitling?? ·

I feel like the Navitimer is one of the iconic tool watches where as the GS we are talking about have more of a luxury vibe.  It's a hard comparison. I would probably say GS if luxury is what you are looking for.  But I love a lot of what Brietling is doing.  I keep trying on Premiers ... sigh....

Finnarm commented on Reviewing the Laco Frankfurt GMT (Black Dial) ·

Thanks Da_Dutch_Collection.  It certainly stands out in the catalog.  I like the fliegers but I would like to see what Laco could do with more contemporary tool watches as well.

Finnarm commented on Frederique Constant Highlife Chronograph Automatic ·

Thanks, I am looking forward to seeing one of these in the steel once my local AD get something in.

Finnarm commented on Zenith Chronomaster Sport or Tudor black bay Chrono? ·

Zenith.  It's got the history and the class.  I have always wanted one of their chronographs.  They are on my list.

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Reviewing the Laco Frankfurt GMT (Black Dial)

As the news suggests, we got a lot of snow in Western NY this weekend. As in several feet. That got me thinking about "adventure watches." Given that...
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