Wild and Wooly Watch Weekend!

Easter long weekend and the newly relaxed covid rules meant we could cross the border to visit Seattle for a fun weekend away - whoop!

I finally could pick up a watch I'd ordered back at Christmas - Seiko Prospex LX SNR043 - 'the ocean in moonlight'  This theme works for me - I love camping beside the ocean in the middle of nowhere.  It was pre owned, but new for me, thanks to Joe at Topper for hooking me up.

The family got in on the fun - we also got a cute "Block" watch for my daughter.  Looks great and she was stoked.  

Fun didn't stop there - I also got my first ever visit to a GS dealer to see some watches in person.  Blinding levels of polish and was quite interesting to see difference between Ti models and steel models.  Still looking to see several models in person that they didn't have in stock.  Not sure when finances will allow a purchase but it's in the cards fo' sure.

Will try to give a review on my new Seiko and my daughters' Block after we log a few weeks of wrist time.

Oh yeah -  we also visited a bunch of museums, sights etc... but won't bore ya with that! 


Dude!!! That SNR043 is FIRE!!! Holy crap is that awesome!


what a rare piece of Seiko there😍