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Fernando163 ·

NATO Strap

I’m thinking of changing up the strap on the Hamilton Khaki Murph. This will be my first purchase and wanted some recommendations
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Fernando163 ·

New Watch!

I got this as a daily driver. I really like how light it feels And the case back is very nice
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Fernando163 ·

Quick Run 🐢

Quick run today and met this little guy on the trail.
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Fernando163 commented on Speedmaster Moonwatch ·

The Art of NASA

Fernando163 commented on 32 days straight on the wrist, and I'm in love ·

How does the Bezel feel? 

Fernando163 commented on Coolest/Craziest watch you’ve had the chance to try on (or own if you’re fortunate enough) ·

While on vacation I tried on the Patek Philippe 5212A. It was a gorgeous piece 

Fernando163 commented on Flieger Friday ·
Fernando163 commented on Breitling ·

I was thinking of buying the green dial. How do you like it? 

Fernando163 commented on Office Decor ·


Fernando163 commented on Watch a family heirloom Rolex Explorer 1016 get saved from seawater by Wristwatch Revival ·

I saw this Saturday morning while having breakfast. It was a great ep. 

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Fernando163 ·

Speedmaster Moonwatch

When you are browsing your local bookstore and find literature on your Omega Speedmaster
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Fernando163 ·

First Vintage Watch

Just purchased my first vintage watch!
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Fernando163 ·

Skeleton back

Show some of your favorite skeleton back of your watches. This is the back of the Hamilton Khaki Murph. In the watch is the H-10 movement.
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Fernando163 ·

Reading Material

Just came in the mail. Can’t wait to go through this.
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Fernando163 ·

Father’s Day

Early Father’s Day gift to my Dad. The gift was a Hamilton Sikorsky Inspector watch. I remember playing with the bracelet as a child. On the wrist was...
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Fernando163 ·

Office Decor

I bought this for my office. I think ever here might appreciate the wall art
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Fernando163 ·

Fathers Day gift

My Father worked at Sikorsky Aircraft for over 35yrs. This Father’s Day I was able to buy This Hamilton watch, which he had before and lost.
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