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Day Off

Day off, World Cup on two screens, at my local cigar shop and everyone is rocking a fine watch…Heaven.
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New Watch Alert 🚨

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New Strap

Added a new canvas strap to the Hamilton Khaki Murph.
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Fernando163 commented on What are you saving up for currently? ·

JLC Master Ultra Thin Moon Phase

Fernando163 commented on MY MoonSwatch Experience ·

It’s good that you were able to try it on before impulse buy. 

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Fernando163 commented on The Murph is now smaller ·

I’m lucky enough that my wrist is large enough that I can wear the original. But I’m happy that this option is available for everyone 

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I got it on Etsy. Belfast watches

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Watch Bracelets

Can anyone recommend me a good online site for Watch bracelets.
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Next Purchase?

Wanted to know if anyone has any experience with Timex. Specifically this Snoopy Watch. Is it worth the purchase?
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New Strap Alert 🚨

Finally got a new strap for the Oris. I think I’m in love! 🥰
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Speedmaster Moonwatch

Love that you can see the Lume in this shot
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Seiko 5

Back from being serviced.
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NATO Hamilton

Looking to get a Nato strap for my Hamilton. Can I get some recommendations from best watch group?
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Watch Strap Opinion

Looking from some opinions from the watch community before I pick a new strap for the Oris. Here are a few I’ve been looking at.
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