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Jul 06, 2022

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Sweeping Quartz

For the most part I am a mechanical snob. Ther is just something about the tickets of the seconds hand that turns me off. That said the VH31 sweeping...
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Farrandswit commented on Your watch on show ·

Haha...I am more guilty of doing my best to get my watch some sun followed by a little shadow so I can grab their attention with the lume.

Farrandswit commented on Which youtuber do you want to have a beer with? ·

Teddy...guy knows watches, hangs with Kevin O'Leary and can rap.

Farrandswit commented on So a new watch is a pain to wear... ·

Same with a new car. Just jump right in...

Sometimes you just need to force yourself.  


Farrandswit commented on Sweeping Quartz ·

Accutrons are awesome.

Farrandswit commented on Wind-up next week! Who’s going? ·

We dont have a booth for this one but I am likely going to stop by Saturday or Sunday to say hello to some of the other brands.   

Farrandswit commented on IWC Tribute to 3705 ·

That is awesome.  

Farrandswit commented on A realization I wish I had sooner. ·

Buy what you like and you will always be happy...wait, no, you will see another watch you want and will not be happy until you acquire it...so, yeah.  I think you stated it better than I.