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Groovy baby

finally got my vintage (1969) Seiko 5 back from being serviced. Not your typical watch but think I’ll start working on a review of it anyways.
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Navigating my way home

Time and direction, sooner or later I’ll find my way home
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The go-to vacation watch #1

One of two watches I picked to take with me on vacation
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EricsEverydayWatches commented on Groovy baby ·

The original bracelet was missing when I bought the watch. It would have been a Razor bracelet, but those appear hard to find. I picked this one up on AliExpress which seem to fit the overall look. I’m not sure if it was original for a bullhead or not.

EricsEverydayWatches commented on The lopsided unicorn makes an appearance today ·

Thanks Simeonrx

EricsEverydayWatches commented on The lopsided unicorn makes an appearance today ·

Thank you Stricko. I really appreciate that

EricsEverydayWatches commented on The lopsided unicorn makes an appearance today ·

AW1710. I picked this up a while ago to do a review on. It’s a bit different which is what drew me to it. Not the watch that gets the most wear in my collection but not the least wear either.

EricsEverydayWatches commented on Boring watches!! ·

I always say but what you love and don’t pay any attention to what others say or think. It’s your watch collection.

EricsEverydayWatches commented on Möels & co. 528 Silky Rose In Depth Review ·

Hello Marcus, First let her congratulate you and your daughter. That was no small task, bringing a new watch design to life. Initially I was going to volunteer to review the watch on my channel but now I realize it doesn’t fit in with the budget watches I review. That’s not taking anything away from your watch. It looks great, has solid components and I’m sure it’ll do well. Please pass along my compliments to your daughter for a very well done design and execution. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future. 👍👍

EricsEverydayWatches commented on "Swiss Quartz" Movements ·

Oh… that’s understandable. I need them to hit 90% or better. 😁

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EricsEverydayWatches ·

The lopsided unicorn makes an appearance today

I’m calling this crown at the 1:30 position a lopsided unicorn.
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THE BATTLE BEGINS. Watch and vote

THE BATTLE IS ON. Watch the videos and vote for your favorite watch under £100. 1. 2.
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One day until its on, like Donkey Kong

Watch the “£100 watch challenge” and vote for your favorite starting tomorrow. 1. 2.
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My grail watch review

Excited to have finally reviewed my grail watch, the Bulova Lunar Pilot.
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To the Moon

Excited to have finished the video of my grail watch, the Bulova Lunar Pilot. Review video coming this Thursday to my YouTube channel.
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Making lemonade

When sent a fossil watch by mistake and finding out its bund strap looks great on the Citizen Nighthawk. That’s lemonade from lemons.
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Day 2

Not sure 12 inches of snow counts as a “blizzard” but it’s still a good bit. The Timex beater watch still hanging in there.
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