Beware of Girrards

Hello all! Someone reached out to me today asking about a watch that was for sale on a “trusted site”. Upon closer inspection, I noticed not only was the watch a blatant fake, but a lot of this site is filled with franken watches. this doesn’t seem like a case of malicious intent to sell fake watches, but a lack of knowledge about The very thing they sell… which is more dangerous? Either way, stay way. 


"Trusted sites" are Trusted sites. Meaning the seller has built a reputation in the Watch Community as a knowledgeable and absolutly honest person. 

To me, that seems like a case of deliberatly selling fakes to profit from the newbies and uniformed.

Those parts have fake and redial written all over them from a mile away.

In my opinion, the website has to be published as warning to others to stay away. 

Absolutly shady website 📢❌❗


Before you buy a vintage Bulova from anywhere the minimum that you should do is look up the movement and hopefully the model on Obviously, they list more than Accutrons.

A one jewel Accutron? A one jewel Bulova? Most likely that was a one jewel Kronotron. They were a Hong Kong based brand that used to sell watches at kiosks in train stations and airports in big cities. They weren't entry level, they were just plain cheap.

I don't think that the seller gets the benefit of the doubt here.