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Macro of my mission to jupiter

I know it is a divisive watch but the dial to me is truly great and being a Speedmaster owner, I'm really loving it 馃槍
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Happy speedy tuesday

Have a nice Speedy tuesday 馃槑
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Work watch

This is my Monchard pulsations chronograph and being a medical student it is also a tool in my day to day work with its pulsations scale. Do you have...
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DocOClock commented on Work watch

I have it too and I love it as well 馃槏馃ぃ

DocOClock commented on Work watch

Both beautiful 馃槏 I've never seen before the Mido 馃槏

DocOClock commented on Work watch

Beautiful 馃槏 I love the new tuxedo 馃槏 how do you find it?

DocOClock commented on My introduction

Thank you man 馃槏聽

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My introduction

Hi everyone! I am Matteo aka Doc O'clock on Instagram, I am an italian medical student and obviously a watch enthusiast 馃槍 My latest obsession is rappr...
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