Have you ever fallen for a watch/brand with a dubious rep??

Curious if any of you have had a similar experience?

As watch snobs go, I'm moderate (i.e. still problematic) but I'm still a fan of sub $1000 offerings on occasion

So I found myself looking for a cheap beater lately...and despite my better judgment, I went with the Shinola Duck...it doesn't fit into my collection at all, but...

For some unexplainable reason as of yet...I find myself wearing it more and more and more 


I try to judge watches based on use case, and the watch itself rather than brand. 

If the Shinola does what you want it to, who cares what strangers on the internet think about the brand?


Hello, we’ve probably not met… I‘m a fan of Hublot and I wear a Corum Bubble without shame. You’ll find me defending most brands against snobbery, and I’m not a fan of Seiko, Tudor or Christopher Ward because I find them boring. I’m not popular on here 😉


I really like my Invicta Pro Diver. I'm looking for the right strap for it right now because the bracelet isn't good.