My Colibri. Might You Help me Know More about its Movement?

I bought this Colibri with my ‘illustrious’ employee discount from a jewelry store where I was employed around 2005. Since then, I’ve occasionally carried it around, and gazed longingly into its metal guts while dreaming of far-off lands and greener pastures; but, have never been curious of the movement’s brand and history…until now.


From the help of our gee-wiz inter-web, I have eye-balled it to be a Chinese-made 2650S movement. And according to the silicon-paved information highway, this little gold-tone mechanical juggernaut has some cloned roots stemming from ETA technology. But, that’s as far as the highway led me until I was stopped by a semiconducting road barrier.

May I solicit the grand wizardry of my Crunch-compatriots that I may learn a little more about this pretty as-all-get-out movement that ticks,ticks,ticks steadily on my lounge chair’s side table?