1st Spinnaker? $245 usd

Just received my first Spinnaker. Fleuss Marlborough Limited Edition, 229/500.

As we always do I was just cruising through a website and they made it damn near impossible not to buy with the discount.

I hear they're half decent quality. I'm hoping that everybody's right? Any thoughts?

I know that they were pretty popular for a while, but it seems like they've been fairly quiet lately.


No idea about the Spinnaker, looks amazing to me. Mind you I have a ton of experience with the Hennessy, even have a favourite glass for it !

I have a Spinnaker Fleuss Lumber Black and really enjoy it. Kind of an Omega vibe. I swapped out the weird rubber/ leather strap for a brown leather rally strap and it looks great. Congrats on your new addition. Nice watch/ band / combo!

+1 on the Spinnaker ad showing up in my feed / impulse purchase

My son has a black PVD coated Spinnaker Vessel quartz chronograph with inset polished wood accents. The only issue that he's had with it was that his wrist is more than 8"and the original bracelet was not large enough.

Spinnaker wouldn't sell him extra links, so he had to source a very similar looking aftermarket one through my watchmaker. Apart from that, it's been an excellent watch that just keeps telling time and looking great.