To Insure or Not To Insure…

With the craziness in the world are you insuring your watches? Using a separate policy or just home owners?

Any recommendations?

ive been using Jewelers Mutual Group. not sure why… 😂 

I saw Hodinkee offers insurance?

the recent theft of luxury items got me nervous  especially when traveling …

be safe out there watch fam


Yeah, I'm insured to the hilt on big ticket items - home, medical, fire, auto, liability, umbrella, etc.  Our home owners policy covers stuff like watches under $2k.  Anything over $2k, though, requires its own separate "valuable personal property" insurance.  

For small things, would rather "self-insure."  For big ticket items, better to pool the risk.


We have always have a separate jewelry rider to our umbrella policy. We have all of our pieces appraisals/valuations done every few years and update the policy as needed for new pieces, etc.  Jewelry policies can get expensive on their own, if you can get a rider to your umbrella, or home owners you can save a bit. Be careful, read the policy carefully make sure you are getting what you want, replacement value vs. appraised value and certain insurance companies have certain requirements. In addition to the rider we have a separate policy for just a few particular pieces through CHUBB but it is very expensive and they must be appraised by them, locked in a vault and you need to notify them when those pieces are going out and when (approx.) they return. Good luck