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Compass Bezels - The Mostly Useless, Yet Fun Design Feature

The compass bezel; do you love them, indifferent or think they're plain dumb?聽 Personally, I think they're a fun, though admittingly almost useless fe...

For the love of blue.

Took my slightly modded Seiko out for a walk on the trail today. Gotta say, I love how the blue pops in the daylight. If you have one, I'd love to see...

Watches and the EDC community. What is it?

Recently, in a Facebook group, a member posted a photo of their watch along with other EDC gear. A few members of the group got incredibly angry becau...

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commented on Compass Bezels - The Mostly Useless, Yet Fun Design Feature

@TheSharperTheBetter That's exactly how I see it. Totally unnecessary complication, but it's fun to try out when I'm at a park or on a hike, just see if I can find north and compare it to my phone compass. It's even started a few conversations with non-watch people when I explain how it works.

commented on Where is the moonswatch crazyness gone ?

I was into it at first, and I still think they're a fun release, but watching the review videos has dampened my enthusiasm quite a bit. 聽Honestly, if they were $150-200 I would be all over that, but $260 (plus tax) has started to make me rethink the MoonSwatch, especially when I consider all the other watches in the $250-350 range I would rather own.聽

I do really like the color combo of the Pluto version, though. hmm...

commented on Trading Luxury for Affordable

@KristianG Exactly! You're speaking my language. Outdoor equipment can be crazy expensive, just like photography equipment (and really anything these days). I wouldn't have any money left over for my other hobbies if it all went to luxury watches. That's no fun. I like my other hobbies too.聽

commented on Trading Luxury for Affordable

I haven't gone down the luxury route yet, and may never go that direction. Who knows? Maybe some day. I'm happy right now in the under 1k range and there are a couple watches I'd like that are in the 1k - 1.6k range. Above the 2k mark is where the value starts to lose me. At that point, I could purchase a new high-end camera or a couple killer lenses. I know it's not a 1-to-1 comparison, but I can't get it out of my head that any one watch simply isn't worth paying that price, especially when I consider my watches to be part of my daily gear and less of a fashion accessory. Honestly, I'm perfectly happy with my $200-600 tool watches because don't care too much if they get a little (or a lot) banged up.

Edit: And that's not to say I'm judging luxury owners. We are all different and like different things.

commented on Compass Bezels - The Mostly Useless, Yet Fun Design Feature

@Relvee Yeah, mostly never needed. For utility, I prefer a timing bezel, but I do think it's fun to have a few compass bezels in the collection.聽

commented on One watch brand for the rest of your life

Seiko and all that's under that umbrella.聽

commented on Compass Bezels - The Mostly Useless, Yet Fun Design Feature

@foghorn I hear ya. My most used features are either a timing bezel or a chrono timer. I use them if I'm out on a walk, timing food or laundry. When wearing the two pictured watches, I do the same with a compass bezel. I mark the start time the with North indicator and use it to time things like brewing my tea. haha It works.聽

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