To buy or not to buy - that is the question

Hi fellow crunchers,

I need your opinion one a watch…
I stumbled across this King Seiko 5626-7000 on the internet. I am not a particular Seiko fan, but I like one or the other of their pieces. And I find this one quite interesting but not that much that it is an obvious buy for me.

And here comes the question: Would you buy this one?

Hard facts:

King Seiko Ref. 5626-7000

+/- 10 sec/day

Power-reserve >24 (questionable how long it really goes)

No information about the last service

price tag: 499€ 

I am really curious about your opinions. 


These are known for having a plastic date wheel which tends to break. The early versions made in 1969/70 are ok as they are made of metal, but to be on the safe side I wouldn't buy this unless the vendor can prove it has been serviced & the date wheel changed.


My last Seiko has so many issues (none of them cosmetic) that I've lost interest. 

And honestly I don't find this watch to be that remarkable. 

I saw this Casio today. Brand New for 30 bucks and it's probably 10 times tougher than most Seikos. And looks really similar. 

I saw one with pointy hands too. 


Thanks for your thoughts on this piece. I will keep my hand off.