NATO and ZULU Rubber straps

yellowdogwatchstraps Hand Made Waterproof Rubber Nato Watch Straps

yellowdogwatchstraps - Waterproof Rubber Made to Measure Nato Watchstraps. Toughest on the planet!

I have just found and ordered 2 custom rubber straps from located in the UK.  I have been searching for the perfect strap for my lifestyle and so far I have tried quite a few nato, Zulu and MN style straps and I like them all, but they are not perfect as the webbing and elastic style stay wet for a while.  I am also pessimistic about MN clasps in the surf.  I shy away from the 2 piece rubber oem bands due to possible spring bar failure.  If you have ever lost a watch in the water then you can feel my pain.  There does not seem to be a plethora of rubber pass through bands on the market.  I have seen ZuluDiver, Bertucci and Yellowdog.  The Yellowdog ones are custom made to size with different hardware choices etc.  Alex has been an amazing communicator and I can't wait to see how the straps perform.  Anybody else use his straps or know of any other rubber one pass/two pass, nato, Zulu, etc bands out there?    


I’ve never tried a rubber pass through, I assumed it would hold the watch up off my wrist more than I’d like. Looking forward to hearing how this works out for you. 


Actually I think the opposite.  The rubber strap is 1.5 mm thick and I measured my nato and it is 1.75 and my MN is 1.7.