Watches of the week: A shallow dive into a deep pool

I was out on vacation but thought I'd pick up my reappreciate the collection series with my divers.  Dive watches are how I made my mechanical transition from only digital tool watches. I actually take these watches into the surf and love to wear them where they were designed for.

The Seikos


The SPB239 62 MAS reissue with the creamy faux patina is a favorite on this ZuluDiver Lunar strap. 

SRPD25 4th Gen Monster is on the Canada Strap Mill great wave themed NATO. This blue dial changes with every strap change and is endlessly fascinating.

Davosa and Tudor;


The Davosa Ternos is a on the vintage-style Hemsut black strap. Scratches the Submariner itch and great fun to wear.

The Tudor Black Bay Heritage 41mm is the OG here with the red bezel in a ZuluDiver NATO. I know people consider it "slabby" but fits a treat on this strap.

I have OEM bracelets for all of these watches except the 62MAS which came with two seichu braided straps. All are fine but I enjoy putting divers on all kinds of strap options. 


Loving the SPB239 looking to pick one of those up myself, a great homage to the legendary 62MAS from 1965.