No real order, although it was no order the post would be a jumble of letters and some numbers. No Order would also be an amazing name for a punk band that covers New Order. 

1. G Shock Rangeman 3400.
I have a Casio that has a lot of the same functions but I like it when my watches look like something I could summon a mech, or what have you, to fight a kaiju with 

2. Seiko Arnie
Arnold is a constant fave with me and my family. The Arnie is one of the coolest watches I've seen, the look and the vibe of the watch is incredible. From researching the watch, it seems like I'll have to make some compromises, but it's an 80s watch and it has one of the most important features that a watch needs, charm. 

3. A Japanese auto dive watch. 
I thought I'd be okay with my Invicta Pro Diver, but after trying on a few different dive watches, I'd like one that's less wannabe Swiss. I do appreciate western design watches (those Mondaine are what every "minimalist" watches want to be), but looking at all the cool Orients and Seikos really makes me want one. I'm not opposed to homages, some of those Islander watches are mighty tempting!

4. One of the vintage inspired Timex watches. 
The Todd Snyder Timex I got really knocks it out of the park in terms of looks, even with the slightly out of line bezel. A few weeks ago I saw an Automatic Timex at a store and that was a great looking watch too, but I'd go quartz. That new chronograph looks great. 

5. A slightly dressier Seiko 5 or something like it. 
My snk807 is cool, but sometimes I want something even more simple looking, and a lot of my watches can be kinda taticool. Right now my dressiet watch is an old school gold digital Casio. The other close thing to a dress watch I have is an almost vintage Citizen, but it's a chronograph, which in my mind makes it a sports/work watch. 

5. A big analog G Shock
I've seen a few out in person on other people's wrist and those big Gs look super cool. "I wear this more than my Rolex," from a guy i saw wearing one. "I got him that watch and he loves it almost more than anything else, maybe even me included," from the partner of a different guy wearing a different model. I already have a big analog g shock but it lacks a bit of that taticool look. 

6. Citizen Promaster BN0228
I liken the looks of this watch as slightly HG Giger, which is dope! I tried one and had to pry it off my wrist, amazed at how much I liked it. The one ecodrive Citizen I have basically keeps time with my multiband 6 square, so I'm already a fan of that feature. 

7. A Casio Edifice 
I don't have one of these solely because I have been unable to choose one. 

8. All Metal G Shock square.
Maybe a gold one. Or a silver one. Or that black one. Not titanium, I want some heft! I could get a conversion kit for one of my squares, but they don't have that cool screw down back cover. 

9. All Metal Casioak
That coppery/rose gold one in particular seems like the best version. It'll go great with my all red casioak. 

10. Marathon Adanac
Packed with features I like and not a Casio! It has a countdown function that turns into a stop watch when the countdown hits zero, that's super cool. Half hour chime! I use the functions on my watches all the time, so this watch is the kind of thing I'm into. 

11. A Solar Casioak
The yellow one! 

12. A Seitona of some kind.
I'm so charmed by these and it seems like they don't have issues with stuff lining up like Seiko divers. The one Seiko chronograph I have is so cool I'd like a more robust looking/solar version. 

There's a lot of crossover in the list above, why would I want a dressier auto when the Timex Q would fit the bill and i wont have to deal with setting it? Why should I get an Arnie when even a more budget friendly Casio Mudmaster does the same thing, arguably even better? Etc. If we go down that path then I would just have my GW-M5610 as my sole watch, but that's not as fun, which is why I like watches to begin with.