Best Bang for Buck In My Collection- Oris Aquis

Thought I would feature to what I believe is my best bang for buck piece I own. I was able to pick up this Aquis for a hair over 1000 dollars new. The quality and wrist presence this watch offers punches far above its weight class. Although it has a quite basic SW200 in the back, I鈥檝e been experiencing great time keeping over the past 3 years I鈥檝e owned it. Gains about 3-5 seconds a day. Been wearing this to the gym as of late and has been performing flawlessly. What do you all wear as your gym piece?

Nice under 1k where? And new!! I want one

I agree that the Aquis is a great value relative to other Swiss dive watches, but best-bang-for-the-buck diver has to go to the Casio Duro that I picked up for 1/24th the price and that keeps time at +1s per month - admittedly, however, my blue Duro is a feeble attempt to scratch the itch for the blue Aquis 馃槑


You guys work out?