An Hommage on the Hydro Conquest from Longines

It was my first luxury swiss watch. It has a lot of flaws; the bezel is not perfect, the bracelet is not tapering, the clasp is stapt metal and hard to open, the lume is awful and overall it looks a lot like a Submarina. 

But, I still love it. The proports are perfect. The weight is the right amount. You can actually can read the time and date, even in the night because the silver hands shine also in the dark. 

I took it swimming today and had no worries at all. It sitt’s perfect on my wrist and when you close this clasp, it’s closed. I scratched it up and it looks even better:) I haven’t touched it for nearly a year and was willing to give it away….happy I didn’t and happy that I took it with me on my vacation. The bracelet is a perfect fit to me, I guess I am lucky. 

So, it will stay! And till I find my grail diver (Submarina) it will have a place in my collection…maybe even then:)


My blue 41mm was my first luxury watch, it was the HC or a Tag Aquaracer and I am so glad I got the Longines. Bonus that is has my favorite caseback. 


My LHC sits in my watch box quite comfortably with my Sub.  It hugs the wrist a little better than the Sub due to it’s lug shape.  I like the non-tapered bracelet.

The LHC has become one of my most worn watches because it’s practically my default work watch. It’s worked hard for years and still looks great.