Leather band cleaning


I was wondering what is the best way to clean a horween leather strap? And how often should it be cleaned?



I clean my leather bands once a year, I have exotic boots and I use the same Bick leather cleaner and conditioner and water protection on the straps. If you don’t condition the leather they will crack. Also you should rest your leather straps for a few days for every week of wear to help control moisture. Leather straps last around 6yrs, if you take care of them you can add a couple more to it’s time in service.


If they are not suede, I clean mine like I would clean leather shoes. A damp sponge and saddle soap cleans them nicely. Let them dry for 24 hours then apply a light coat of mink oil. That does darken the leather.


So it's not ok to wear it everyday?

Thanks for the tips..