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Leather band cleaning

Hi, I was wondering what is the best way to clean a horween leather strap? And how often should it be cleaned? Thanks.

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commented on The 2024 March Micro Tournament - Final Four Recap ยท

New to this. How does it work

commented on โ—‡ R U L E S โ—‡ ยท

Um i only have 3 watches at the moment and 5 is my goal. Two are chronographs and the third is a cassio which has chrono capability so I'd like my next watch to not be a chrono.

I do like verity in brands and color.

Definitely don't go over budget.

Do lots of homework.

When possible try on before buying.

commented on What Other Things Do You Collect? ยท

Nice lego collection.

I collect/read comics. And have recently really started getting into lego minifigures.

commented on Now that the Mission is completed, What am I gonna do with it? ยท

Wear then frame them

commented on A (real) grail watch ยท

My Grail is a working fossil big tic that has a phoenix.

commented on Show us the watch you selected for Christmas Day! ยท

My brother gave me this for Christmas. #citizen #ecodrive

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New here.

Hi! I live in FL, and im just getting into learning about watches.ย