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Midweek entertainment - Andrew Morgan's "10 worst watches"..

don't watch if you've just eaten, scare easily, or know...taste.....
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Watchmaker's Apprentice on amazon Prime Video

Lovely short film about George Daniels and Roger Smith - a bit artsy here and there, but a good insight into both Daniels and Smith, and their contrib...
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Show me the leather! (or Sailcloth, or rubber.......)

I use a grey NATO on my Explorer II, as well as the bracelet. What other combos work well for the Polar? ideas and pics please....
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Archangel commented on Opinion: date hands are trash ·

I like mine - JLC do them well...equally, I like a date window too (bigger the better). Choose both!!

Archangel commented on When you get a massive scratch on your watch, what do you do? ·

any competent watchmaker can restore that by microwelding a line of fresh (matched) steel into it, and refinishing to factory standard - no metal loss, no change to the case profile and you won't know it's been done. It's a very specific repair, and Omega may not be the best to do it (they'd probably put a new case on it!) - worth having a scout for a good local repairer/maker who can do casework for you. 

Archangel commented on Rolex pre owned program ·

It's been a whirl eh? Here's what I think so far. 

  1. This will not reduce/cool pre-owned prices for any model, old or new.
  2. Certified watches will cost more than the same from an independent dealer. I'd rather get a watch from a dealer I trust. Let's put it this way, the ADs are the one's selling to the flippers - not exactly trustworthy.
  3. A certified watch is nothing more than a pre-owned watch, with a Rolex service, a swing tag, and a new pouch. 
  4.  ADs will offer to buy at similar prices to independents for watches over 3 years old (maybe a little less if you are trading up for a new watch). they will sell for a lot more.
  5.  Rolex ADs will find a way to make Certified purchasing a new pathway to 'creating a relationship with an AD' - I can almost guarantee that one!
  6. Rolex ADs will jump on stock at scale wherever they can find it, rather than relying on individual sales - jeweller bankruptcies, firesales, auctions etc - someones going to be buying a lot of watches from Japan and China, and they will end up in the USA/EU/Middle East. 
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Archangel commented on Rolex Submariner ·

Set aside the hype....subs wear nicely, last forever and take aright old beating. That, more than anything, sets them apart from the 50F and the other divers of the day. There are very few tool watches that can take the daiy wear like a Submariner - possibly only the Seamaster can say the same, although if you look at the number of surviving Seamaster 300s from the 60s and 70s, it's a small fraction of the volume of vintage Submariners.  Although the older subs and seamasters have outstanding movements, and are massively durable, the Rolex (IMHO) ages better - the lume, handsets and dials seem to survive longer than the Omega materials - also, the Rolex cases (perhaps being more sculpted)  last better. 

In short - it't not all hype - there's a reason they are popular, and it predates youtube/Insta 😀

Archangel commented on Then and now ·

The only thing that seems to change is the number of watches - linearly increasing year-on-year 😀 I tend towards tool/sports watches more than dress, and (maybe) have bought fewer divers over the last 4 years, and more field/sports watches..

Archangel commented on Miyota Problems ·

Need a good watchmaker. If it runs for 10-15 mins after wearing, but then stops (assuming you handwind it as well!), then it's likely a problem with the barrel arbor, or mainspring (there's other issues as well, but those are the likely culprits) - find a watchmaker who's willing to give it a proper look - they don; tjust stop for no reason....

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Big-ish shifts (downwards) in pre-owned Rolex prices in the UK this week

Now then, it's not a crash - let's get that out of the way now! I've been following prices on Explorer 36mm, Submariners and Sea Dwellers, mainly beca...
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New Bamford x Landrover - not getting the vibe....

On the upside - titanium, nice eco straps, fixed lugs, nice SW200 auto, little Bamford blue LR logo above 6'o'clock. Downside - I don't see the Land R...
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Aftermarket Straps/Bracelets for Alpinist?

Ordered an Alpinist on a whim...- what straps/bracelets have y'all replace the OEM one with?
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Decisions, decisions.....your views wanted - I can't decide..

So, I;ve been humming and hawing about an Explorer I for a while now. I finally got off my ass and went into London on a 'touch and feel' trip last we...
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Watch Dealers = Used Car dealers except this one....

I like buying pre-owned watches (indeed, one has no other choice for some brands...) Over the years, I've noticed a parallel between watch dealers and...
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How low can you go - Watch Limbo....

So, I've been following UK prices of the 126610LN for a while now, and it's pretty stark. UK List is £8450 now, but Grey market 2022 unworn peaked up...
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When flexing a Richard Mille doesnt make you feel sufficiently 'Alpha' you can get a Rolex instead:D

Titanium case, 11000m depth rating, 44mmx 23mm - price...significant....Soon to be seen, photographed with the steering wheel of a Lamborghini on Inst...
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