My Mojo Watch

My Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph is my cheapest watch, and it is my most valuable watch.  This watch belonged to my father who passed away almost nine years ago, my mom gave it to me a few months after because she knows I like watches.  

I wear this watch very sparingly.  It only makes an appearance on my wrist when I have an important business meeting, deal/contract to close, difficult day ahead, ect.  I haven't worn it in over a year.  Today was one of those days, I put on this watch and got all the positive vibes I needed to power through the day.

I haven't been able to figure out the model of Citizen watch this is, it is probably 20+ years old.  It really doesn't matter either.  This is the watch I will never part with, it can not be replaced.

What is your Mojo Watch?


Great looking watch, got a bit of an Overseas thing happening.  And so special that it was your father's, that's the definition of a keeper. My dad gave me his 1970s Citizen when I was a teen, I loved that watch so much. A jeweller didn't fit the seals properly when changing the battery and it flooded next time I went swimming. I really miss that watch.

I don't rely on a watch to give me mojo.  If I need that litle bit extra I like some good food and good sex.


This watch definitely has an integrated bracelet blue dial thing going on.  I also agree with your strategy for getting good mojo going on, that works too!