Solid gold watch recommendations

Please suggest What solid gold watches( brand and models) can be bought for around the value of gold in them? Like watches from defunct or relatively unknown brands that are basically worth the amount of gold present in them? (Pic for representational purpose)

In my experience, not many. Wristwatches, especially 9-14k vintage dress watches which are the most common, don't contain much gold by weight because they tend to have thin cases and often a brass ring to hold the movement. 5-15g is quite common.

The only gold watch I have whose melt value is a significant portion of its market value is an 18k automatic chronograph from the 80s. The gold is worth approximately 80% of the watch's market value. That's a great hedge against fluctuations in the used watch market, but not a source of profit.

Please don't melt vintage watches.


Please don't melt vintage watches.

That is not my intention. I just wanted to know what watches I could buy while paying prices close to the gold value present in them as it would make it a great deal.