Dropped by the AD to have a chat and have a hands on with the 36mm Explorer 1 today. It does exude a more reserved feel due to it's size. Looking for other 36mm options for my 6 3/4 inch wrist! 


Try a 36mm Datejust on a jubilee. It doesn’t get much more classic than that. I’ve been after the new green dial since I first saw it..


i got 6.5 inch wrist and rocking these 3 watches atm (Santos MM, PRX 35mm, Spirit 37mm)


So i would suggest these as well.

I was also eyeing Chronomat 36 (Breitling) and currently checking Iron Walker 36mm (Wempe)

I also tried Explorer but cba waiting or going grey but if you like the style then you should check out Black Bay 36mm (instead of these 2 I went with the Spirit 37mm)