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Safari at the safari!

Boldr Safari at the Weribee open range zoo today! About as close to the tarangerie as I can get for now.

Fashion watches

With the whole trashing of fashion watches, I didn't initially count an old Hugo boss watch as part of my "collection". But objectively looking at it,...

Regulating a fast watch myself.

My LMM-H01 from Merci was running fast about 30 seconds a day which really ticked me off. (Punintended) A YouTube video or two later and I had the cou...

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commented on alfredo's WRUW

I'm not sure about the bracelet being better, having held the tsuyosa and owned a PRX. Tsuyosa definitely felt much lighter and "less solid". Could use your perspective here?

Love the new tsuyosa releases that lack a cyclops,l

commented on New Serica Field Watch 6190

Very very good looking piece

commented on Tendaar's WRUW

I have a lucky watch I wear to interviews too!

commented on fourthwatchman's WRUW

Nice dial

commented on I Have a Field Watch Problem!

Love the timexs!

commented on Timely_Moments's WRUW


commented on #NWA - Timex M79 Automatic - Batman

Please post a follow up review! Interested to know the experience

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What rolex is this?

Never seen this before, any one care to shed some light on what I saw on the train?

A watch to impress only myself

With a 38mm size and slate grey dial, it's a look that doesn't exactly scream from the rooftops. And that's exactly why I love it, the raised numerals...

Boldr GMT Tarangire arrived today

New watch! Black Friday purchase. I'm so glad they didn't have a ghost date function 聽given that the NH34 originally has a date.聽 love the size and th...

Surprise GMT release from Boldr?

Could not resist picking one up on the black friday sale. First time seeing these and bought it on a whim. Never thought I liked the explorer II desig...


Dropped by the AD to have a chat and have a hands on with the 36mm Explorer 1 today. It does exude a more reserved feel due to it's size. Looking for...

Tissue WRX

The bracelet is slim enough to be worn at the desk all day comfortably. Unlike chunkier bracelets from other sports watches which I would take off if...