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DZHern117 ·

Lake Tahoe hike

Squeezed in small hike before the snow blew in.
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ashleigh ·

Any idea what kind of bracelet this is?

I’ve been looking to purchase another bracelet like this. It came on an early 80s Pulsar and I’m absolutely in love with it. Thing is, I have no idea...
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Tokyeo ·

My admiration for Seagull 1963

When you have a watch that is so good looking, you can't help but to take a moment and admire it - even if it's a mundane task like opening a window a...
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Shbamn50 ·

Is this called slime mold movement?

Ok who is going to be the first one of you ladies and gentlemen to obtain one of these? You have to feed it oats for the slime mold to live. The slime...
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Niklas898 ·

Watchaddicted 💫

Hello everyone, very happy to take part on this watch addicted social media platform! Stay happy and healthy 🙏🏻 Best, Niklas
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siddarthmehraajm ·

What watch is this ???

can be seen easily in the whole video https://youtu.be/0guSWBSO8lo
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Rolexahoma ·

Why the Chinese Balloon was really flying over the US

Breaking news
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Mistermac ·

Citizen Eco drive

The one watch where I kept the stock rubber bracelet on it and love it the way it is. I usually put all of my divers on nato straps and some on bracel...
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PLAnner ·

Here we go … 1st post

I’ve been on the sidelines enjoying the discussions for a few months and appreciate the the various perspectives across all budgets. I am hoping to co...
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PabloDiaz ·


The nice thing about having a diver watch is that I can read the time without my reading glasses and I do not need to remove it to wash the dishes. 💯...
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