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Humble Horologist Unboxing

Let’s show some of the new reviewers some love. Give Anthony Baker aka The Humble Horologist a view

Unimatic U5S-A : Small head wears a huge crown.

Unimatic designs appeal to my taste but never sat well on my wrist despite the model type. They all seemed to feel large and flat - even the U2 which...

Why do dress watches traditionally have leather straps?

Always wondered why dress watches have leather straps. I’m still gonna do that I think is good, but just wondering why traditionally dress watches hav...

Damasko DK32: wrist impressions and more

Hello fellow Crunchers! I hope you are happily enjoying your watches today. I want to share with you some thoughts on my DK32. For those who don't kno...

What exactly is an 'Art Deco' watch?

As the title says. I've seen quite a few watches labelled as 'art deco' and I quite like most of them, but I fail to understand what connects them. Wo...

The camera doesn't do it justice

A Swatch Grand Prix I bought in the original box and with the papers, it was bought on the 13th of July 1992 and is a total blast from the past. Sadly...


This watch caused my watch obsession been a good while since I wore my modded SKX007. Currently on a Clockwork Republic FKM rubber strap. I forgot how...

British Watchmakers' Day: Let's guess how shameless the Brits will be...

With less than a week to go till the British Watchmakers' Day event it's all getting pretty exciting over in Instagram. The British Watchmakers Allian...

Couples night out watch only?

17 votes ·

3 watches

Im proud that each watch brand has a connection to District Time. More memories and happy experiences to add. At the show i was glad to express my app...