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So, the lume works!

Turned off my desk lamp last night and couldn't help but notice that the lume on some of my watches was loud and proud! 馃榿
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2manywatches commented on Seiko 5 SNXS81J1

I have a few differently coloured faces but this is my definitive summer watch.聽

2manywatches commented on I'm gonna put some sandpaper to it 馃槻

I agree with Ichibunz. Own that bling and let the scratches come... 馃憤

2manywatches commented on What is Your Take on Vostok?

I bought the 24hr Kommandirskie because I thought it was a great idea. I've had it a couple of years now and, to this day, I can't read it at a glance. I have to stare at it for a couple of seconds before I figure it out... That probably says more about me than the watch! 馃榿

2manywatches commented on The watch that got you into the hobby

Back in 1997,when I was still in the Royal Navy, I bought a 2000 Series Tag whilst ashore in Abu Dhabi. That was my first 'posh' watch, but quickly became my only watch and for almost 20 years hardly ever left my wrist.聽

Then in 2015, almost on a whim, I bought an Oris dive watch and, when I saw them both together, I just wanted more. That was the point I dived head first into this hobby!聽

2manywatches commented on What Price Range Do Most Of Your Watch Purchases Fall Into?

When I first got the watch bug I started at 3 with one or two 4s but quickly realised that there is some seriously interesting stuff at level 2 which I am more than happy to wear.聽

However, I now have at least 7 or 8 at level 1,comprising mostly Casios and ebay bought Seikos.聽

2manywatches commented on Just catching the light right

I spend ages trying to get the light just right for watch photos and, nine times out of ten, I simply give up and go with what I've got...聽

It's definitely an art!聽

2manywatches commented on Vostok Fans

I bought my Kommanderski because I always fancied a 24hr watch. That being said, I still can't read it at a glance unless I've got a good idea what the time is already!聽

I see Vostok as being similar to Seagull in being amazingly cheap in house automatic watches. So cheap, in fact, that they are effectively disposable.聽

Whilst I appreciate them for what they are I can't see me buying another one, even leaving politics aside.聽

I do fancy a Seagull though!聽


A Brace of Bonds

I thought I'd treat my brace of Duros to a James Bond Nato each. Shame they're not Omegas but for less than 拢125 all in they do represent fantastic va...
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