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watchfun ·

Rolex enters the pre owned market

Rolex now certifys pre owned models which are bought by certain ADs and older than 3 years. Bucherer is one of them. I think it’s really interesting t...
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JaimeMadeira ·

New Omega Bond Watch for the 60th Anniversary

So, changing out some of the things people didn’t like about the NTTD, bringing back some nineties styling, and a lower price tag. What do people thin...
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thekris ·

New Rolex Facility

So I don‘t usually post news stuff, I’m always sure somebody’s already brought it up. So if that’s the case…woops. Anyway, looks like Rolex is doing u...

Rolex Is Reportedly Building A New $1.5 Billion Factory So You Can Get Off The Wait List
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watchobsessed ·

Thoughts on skeleton watches?

I have mixed feelings about skeleton dials. A really well-executed skeleton dial can look fantastic, but I'm not sure that I'm a big fan of skeleton d...

Spinnaker Croft Mid-Size Skeleton Automatic Limited Edition
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yankthemike ·

Andrew from Watchfinder announced a personal watch channel I think most of us probably love the Watchfinder channel and maybe lately you've noticed some frustration...
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chronoslice ·

Franken-watch Influences?

Ok, I low-key love this release from Alpina. And I’m sure after one look, everyone will say it’s a mashup of an AP Royal Oak and Nautilus. I can see t...

HANDS-ON: Test your limits with the new Alpina Alpiner Extreme Automatic
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danmitch ·

IWC announcement…

Anyone else excited about the announcement in an hour or so from IWC?
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catfancy ·

Moon Swatch prices falling :)

I have noticed that sales and prices seem to be falling as time passes , this gives me hope and almost sparks my interest again.....
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w1nter ·

Thoughts on The New Timex Watch?

Inspired by the Arctic expeditions and seemingly the Rolex Polar Explorer, the new Timex x Huckberry collaboration while not the greatest inside (no h...
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UnholiestJedi ·

My Heart Bleeds...
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